We extend patient impact to help maximize quality of care and
even out care equity.
Qurate Health provides physicians and health systems with a remote patient ecosystem and clinical support, resulting in better off-site care, increased patient loyalty with enhanced brand equity, reduced readmission, and better patient outcomes all while unlocking revenue for zero cost programming and within the framework of Value-Based Care.

Delivering Multi-Level Value to Systems and Patients

+ Drives Care into the Home– Qurate Health (“Q”) delivers acute and chronic care management in the home providing billable Consumer and Provider tools and services

+ Enables Value Based Care- Q technology drives an unmatched patient experience via an easily navigable consumer experience with clinically coordinated care that decreases re-admissions, supports right site care and risk management.

+ Easily Scaled - Via simple integrations with 80+ EMRs already connected to Q, physicians order Q in native EMR enabling care prioritization, unification of point solutions into a single curated patient experience and comprehensive reporting,
Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Personalized Care Plans
    Using AI/ML to create personalized and prioritized care plans for each patient the Q platform improves quality, HEDIS and Start Ratings.
  • Patient Engagement
    Clinical teams engage patients at scale with efficiency and critical needs prioritization using the Q mobile app, the Q Clinical Platform delivering telehealth services designed to actively engage patients and caregivers anywhere they need.
Streamlined Workflows
  • Electronic Health Records
    Our platform integrates with 80+ EMRs allowing healthcare providers to enroll patients in the native EMR and receive patient information easily and securely.
  • AI Driven Processes
    Our platform includes tools that automate processes, such as appointment scheduling, medication reminders, and gap closures which can save time and improve efficiency.
Reduced Costs
The Q platform allows providers and those at risk for patients to easily deliver patient care virtually, in the home while reducing administrative burdens, and save money on costly care outcomes such as readmissions.
All without having to invest in costly infrastructure.
  • Data Analytics
    Q platform includes powerful data analytics tools that identify risks in patient behavior that would drive poor outcomes such as hospitalizations, emergency room visits and inefficiencies in medication management assisting providers in outcome improvement and cost decreases.
  • Clinical Tools
    The Q platform assists healthcare providers shift care of chronically ill patients to the home allowing for in time intervention while retaining complete control over patient care.
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